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Best mobile graphic design softwares in 2022

Whether you're beginner or a professional graphic artist, the choice of tools you wish to employ in you day to day work can improve your skills expeditiously. Learning starts by trying. To evolve from an amateur to an experienced user you need to learn variety of software and understand which best suits you. Through the research that I conducted and some of what I have experienced, I have laid down a list of software categorized into different sections to help understand better; Paid, Free, Mobile, Desktop, and web software.

The capability of these software is beyond measure since they have been tried and proven to help improve your skills, from beginner to experienced personnel.

Adobe Comp CC

This is a new Adobe mobile app that lets designers work remotely with their Creative Cloud account to quickly create a usable draft that is completely compatible with the desktop versions. With Adobe comp CC you're able to create drafts anywhere, anytime since it's cloud-based. Adobe aims at bridging the gap between the desktop and mobile app to allow users to work efficiently. What makes it fun is the fact that you can quickly add ideas to your project whenever they pop up. 

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe Illustrator Draw is a mobile app that allows you to create beautiful free-form vector designs. The app has been made with a simple modern interface to enable you to access your favourite tools. Adobe has given you the power to convert your ideas into production masterpieces wherever they pop. Its cloud-based which means that you can access them anytime from different devices available. Since Illustrator Draw is part of the Adobe Illustrator family, you can send your designs directly to Illustrator to refine on your desktop. The app is suitable for Illustrators and anyone else aspiration to become one. Adobe Photoshop is a mobile app that allows to create expressive drawings anywhere using natural drawing tools like pencils, pens, markers, and watercolor brushes to get all the textures and all blending effects you'd get on paper. The app has been made with a simple modern interface to enable you access your favorite tools. Adobe has given you power your ideas into production masterpiece wherever they pop.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Its also cloud based which means that you can access them anytime from different devices available. The workspaces are standard thus you can reproduce your work in bulk or export to desktop applications like photoshop. You don't have to rush yourself from café to bus and then to office only to find that you're already late to submit your work. Photoshop Sketch can work on all portable devices which means that you can work from anywhere.

Canva Pro

Canva is a free graphic design platform, used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents and other visual content. To use Canva you do not require any special skills unlike adobe app where you must be conversant with common tools. The app provide templates for users to use which I wouldn't advice to use for people who are looking to grow their skills in Creative design. The platform is free to use but offers paid subscriptions like Canva Pro and Canva for Enterprise for additional functionality.

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